Ready Meal

First of its kind and completely unique, Prima Taste Ready Meal is a complete gourmet meal with real meat in 90 seconds!

Available in popular local flavours such as Chicken Claypot Rice and Beef Rendang, enjoy a nutritious meal ready in just 90 seconds after popping it into the microwave! Our Ready Meals are made with low GI basmati rice and contain dietary fibre, soluble fibre and prebiotics. They can be stored anywhere, with no refrigeration needed! State-of-the-art retort (heat sterilisation) process is employed to retain the flavours of our pastes while achieving a long shelf life of 12 months even at ambient conditions.

  • With Chunks of Juicy Meat

  • Made With Low GI Basmati Rice For Nutritional Goodness

  • Can Be Stored Anywhere, With No Refrigeration Needed

Beef Rendang with Rice

With its aromatic blend of spices, Prima Taste's Beef Rendang with Rice is guaranteed to tantalise your tastebuds. Accompanied with basmati rice, multi-grains, and tender beef chunks simmered in rice coconut curry gravy. Healthier yet gourmet and it will be ready in 90 seconds!

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Curry Chicken with Rice

Whip up a plate of Curry Chicken Rice in just 90 seconds - perfect for those days when you're too tired to be in the kitchen for long. Savour the goodness of basmati rice together with chicken chunks and potatoes in aromatic Nonya Curry gravy!

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Chicken Claypot Rice

Prima Taste's very own Claypot Chicken Rice contains an incredible combination of tender chicken chunks, Chinese chicken sausages, Chinese mushrooms and basmati rice all in one pack. It is the perfect Chinese comfort food dish that can be ready in 90 seconds!

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Laksa Fried Rice

Inspired by popular Singaporean dish – Prima Taste’s Laksa Fried Rice features a delectable combination of chicken chunks and carrots, stir-fried in rich Laksa sauce.

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Indian Curry with Rice

Experience authentic mouth-watering Indian Curry with Rice, with basmati rice, multi-grains, chicken chunks and potatoes in aromatic Indian Curry gravy. Who says preparing Indian food is time-consuming when you can receive a plate of piping hot delicious rice in just 90 seconds!

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Soya Sauce Chicken Rice

The ultimate crowd's favourite! Savour the goodness of basmati rice, multi-grains, together with chicken chunks braised in fragrant soya sauce!

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Prima Satay Fried Rice

A popular Indonesian recipe that comes with basmati rice and multi-grains now! Featuring juicy, grilled satay chicken chunks, absolutely satisfying!

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