Mee Siam Party Pack Set

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    A mix of Chinese, Nonya and Malay influences has produced some of Singapore's most popular dishes, one of which is Mee Siam. The rice vermicelli is fried to fragrant perfection and then smothered in tangy assam gravy, and topped with an assortment of tantalising garnishes and lime juice.

    Serves 10 - 15 portion(s)

    Pack consists of,
  • Mee Siam Paste (1.00kg) X 1 packet
  • Bee Hoon Sambal (160gm) X 1 packet
  • Lime Juice (12gm) X 5 packets

  • This product is:



    • Mee Siam Sauce
    • Halal Mee Siam