Premium Non-Fried Noodles

Steamed, air-dried noodles that is excellent for preparing any stir-fried, soup-based or gravy-based noodle dish.

Prima Taste Premium Non-Fried Noodle (Plain LaMian/ Wholegrain LaMian) are created from high protein premium wheat/whole wheat flour and highly versatile – great with soup, gravy or stir-fried.

For quick and great tasting dishes, use with Prima Taste pastes and sauces for a wide range of Authentic Asia favourites.


Plain LaMian is highly versatile - boil, stir-fry or deep fried. Pair with Prima Taste paste and sauces to whip up great-tasting dishes.

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Wholegrain LaMian

Made with 51% Superfine Wholegrain Flour with same versatility as Plain LaMian.

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