Authentic Asia Cooking Sauces

A perfect base sauce that is highly versatile for whipping a variety of tantalising dishes. Good with vegetables, meat or seafood and even as a dip!

Asian cuisine is very popular worldwide today. It is intricate, exquisite and often mysterious with its myriad spices and herbs. The masterchefs behind the award-winning Prima Taste 'Best Singapore Favourites' range of ready-to-cook meal sauce kits have created Prima Taste 'Authentic Asia'. Now, with our wide range of versatile cooking sauces, whipping up delicious Asian dishes can be simple and fuss free!

These sauces are great for cooking meat, seafood or vegetables. And the best part is: all the spices and herbs you'll need for rich authentic flavours are already included in each pack. Get creative as you plan your recipes using our cooking sauces and be pleasantly surprised at how versatile enough they are for you to create a tantalising variety of dishes!

Prima Taste 'Authentic Asia' is available in retail and party packs.

  • Robust Authentic Taste

  • Quick & Easy Preparation

  • No Added Preservatives *

  • No Artificial Colouring *

* Selected Products

Fragrant Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste

An aromatic chicken stock sauce for cooking Fragrant Hainanese Chicken Rice. Perfect complement with meat, vegetable or seafood dishes.

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Laksa Fried Rice Sauce (Spice & Coconut Stir-Fry Sauce)

A rich stir-fry sauce laced with herbs and spices to whip up a full-bodied dish. Inspired by Laksa, one of Singapore's favourite dishes!

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Mee Siam Goreng Paste

An irresistible tangy sweet-sour tamarind flavoured paste for a deliciously spicy and fragrant fried vermicelli dish. Stir-fried with an assortment of garnishes, it is a twist to the authentic Singaporean dish "Mee Siam" that will tempt you with its fragrant aroma.

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Singapore Curry Paste

This paste is exquisitely blended from various herbs and spices to whip up one of Singapore's favourite dishes - Chicken Curry! Also great with vegetables and as a meat marinate.

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Nonya Sambal (Sweet & Spicy Chilli Sauce)

A delicate blend of shrimp, chilli, tamarind, tomato paste and mixed spices. Great as a dip too.

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Premium Black Pepper Sauce

Created with the finest selection of black pepper and spices.

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Sambal Belachan Paste

A special blend of dried shrimp, chilli and mixed spices for a deliciously spicy and fragrant fried rice dish. Also great with vegetables, meat and seafood.

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Sambal Chilli (Asian Chilli Sauce)

A tantalising blend of chilli, garlic, shrimp paste and other spices to help you whip up a spicy full-bodied dish. Great as a dip too.

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Sweet & Spicy Seafood Sauce

A piquant tomato base loaded with fresh chilli, garlic and other spices. Perfect with seafood.

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Laksa Paste

Created with a blend of fresh spices and herbs, this rich and versatile Laksa paste allows you to whip out a bowl of piping hot Laksa noodles or a plate of stir-fried Laksa Fried Rice.

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