Prima Taste Best Singapore Favourites Meal Sauce Kits comes complete with condiments, bringing you authentic flavours complemented by sheer convenience. Whip up delicious Singapore dishes anytime and anywhere with the easy-to-follow cooking steps, which makes cooking a breeze.

For example, our Hainanese Chicken Rice meal sauce kit comes with a premix and sesame soya sauce oil for the chicken, fragrance oil for the rice, and chilli, ginger and dark soya sauces to serve with, providing you the ultimate in convenience and they are also packed in separate sachets for best quality.

  • Complete Meal Sauce Kit with Condiments

  • Robust Authentic Taste

  • Quick & Easy Preparation

  • No Added Msg and Preservatives *

  • No Artificial Flavouring and Colouring *

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Hainanese Chicken Rice

Tender chicken served over fragrant rice cooked with chicken stock, this delicious dish delights with its rich flavours!

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Singapore's comfort food, Laksa is an aromatic coconut broth served with thick rice vermicelli and laced with fresh herbs and spices.

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Prima Satay

A popular Asian appetiser, Satay is a traditional dish made up of juicy, grilled meat chunks threaded on bamboo skewers. Served with our tomato-flavoured dip, for a healthier & more refreshing taste.

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Singapore Curry

Various herbs and spices are skillfully blended to create a delicious dish that has attracted legions of fans among both locals and visitors to Singapore!

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Singapore Satay

The traditional Singapore Satay features juicy meat chunks threaded on bamboo skewers and grilled to fragrant perfection. Served with a distinctive crunchy peanut-based dip that has made this dish a national favourite.

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Mee Rebus

A popular dish with a Malay origin, this delicious dish features noodles served with a rich sweet and spicy sauce and topped with bean curd cubes, egg and prawns. A mouth-watering treat any time!

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Mee Siam

Irresistible spiced vermicelli served in a tangy sweet-sour tamarind gravy and an assortment of garnishes and sambal chilli. An authentic Singaporean dish that will tempt you with its fragrant aroma.

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Prawn Mee

A truly Singaporean delight, Prawn Mee, soup or stir-fried, makes a very satisfying meal prepared in rich aromatic prawn-chicken stock with noodles.

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Rendang features a rich, thick coconut gravy that gives meat a delightful texture and flavour. With its aromatic blend of spices, Rendang is guaranteed to tantalise your tastebuds!

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Sayur Lodeh

A popular Malay dish featuring a delicious assortment of vegetables simmered to perfection in a lightly spiced rich coconut gravy.

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Singapore Chilli Crab

Savour succulent crab in a piquant and flavourful chilli base. You'll want to polish off every last scrumptious mouthful with your bread. This full-bodied dish is a popular feature in Singapore seafood restaurants.

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Vongole sauce in Asian style - a rich and aromatic sauce of clam juice and fish consomme. Perfect with any noodles or pasta. Top it off with any of your favourite seafood!

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Meat Bone Soup

Meat Bone Soup is an aromatic dish of stewed meat and peppery soup. Dip the meat in dark soya sauce with freshly cut chilli and minced garlic to enjoy a taste of heaven!

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