Prima Taste LaMian comes in 6 flavours and is renowned worldwide for its premium noodles. Every bite is as good as traditional hand-pulled noodles. Every aroma and texture is an ode to the authentic taste of Singapore, and a full gourmet meal.

  • Gourmet Meal in 7 mins

  • No MSG Added

  • Steamed, Non-Fried Premium Noodle

  • No Artificial Flavouring & Colouring

  • No Added Preservatives

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Laksa LaMian

Experience authentic Singaporean Laksa; a multicultural blend of herbs and spices; simmered together in a delightful coconut gravy that will bring a smile to your face.

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Curry LaMian

Enjoy the rich, spicy goodness of our Curry LaMian; a scrumptious blend of herbs and spices with our gourmet Prima Taste Singapore Curry Paste. A harmony of flavours that warms your heart in 7 minutes.

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Chilli Crab Flavoured LaMian

A signature Singaporean dish that is known worldwide for its gastronomic blend of sweet, spicy and tangy flavours juxtaposed against an umami-rich base of seafood and egg, Experience Singapore with every bite!

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Fish Soup LaMian

Milky, wholesome and comforting. Our gourmet Prima Taste Fish Soup LaMian is like a warm blanket on a cold day. Natural goodness that you can enjoy to the very last mouthful.

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Prawn Soup LaMian

Accompanied with flavorful and robust prawn soup broth, full of umami goodness, Prima Taste Singapore Prawn Soup LaMian is a much loved dish enjoyed by many Singaporeans. It can be easily prepared at the convenience of your own home now.

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Black Pepper Crab Flavoured LaMian

A peppery ode to one of Singapore’s favourite crab dishes to satisfy every seafood craving.

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