Complete Sauce

Convenient, easy-to-use, all-in-one Complete Sauce

It’s So Good

  • Convenient & Easy to Use
  • Halal Certified

Created to appeal to a wide international audience and palate, Prima Taste Complete Sauce is a convenient all-in-one base sauce to prepare authentic Singapore dishes.

Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle

A scrumptious dish of yellow noodle, thick and/or thin rice vermicelli, braised in an aromatic prawn stock.

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Roti Prata Curry

Savoury gravy with chicken flavour and chunky potatoes.

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The Singapore-style salad is made with juicy and crunchy vegetables and fruits tossed in an appetising mix of sweet, sour and a hint of chilli, topped with roasted ground peanuts.

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Char Kway Teow

Wok-fried noodle in soya sauce and a hint of chilli, with a delectable taste of “wok-hei” or smoked fragrance.

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Prawn Noodle Soup

A local favourite, this noodle dish makes a very satisfying meal prepared in rich aromatic prawn stock

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Fish Head Curry

From the Malay and Chinese food heritage, a tangy sour and spicy gravy that balances well with the sweetness from the fish.

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Authentic dry curry with tender meat chunks braised in rich coconut gravy, myriad of spices and a hint of chilli.

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Vongole Pasta

Distinct Prima rendition of a rich and aromatic sauce of clam juice and fish consommé to make spaghetti vongole or picante di vongole.

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Mee Siam

A mix of Chinese and Malay influences, Mee Siam features a rich tamarind gravy with a hint of chilli.

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Mee Rebus

A noodle dish of Malay origin served in thick tangy sweet gravy with a hint of chilli.

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Chilli Crab

Savour succulent crab in a zesty and flavourful tomato and chilli base.

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Black Pepper Crab

Created with the finest selection of black pepper and spices.

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Meat Bone Soup

Peppery Singapore Teochew meat bone soup with premium garlic.

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