Party Packs (Super Value Packs)

Whether you are a hosting a party or a get-together, our Super Value packs are your must-haves preparation kit.

Your favourite Prima Taste ready-to-cook pastes and premixes also comes in party pack sizes with no added preservatives! Enjoy the same great taste but with over 50% of cost savings per serving* with options such as our Laksa and Curry Super Value Packs!

These party must-haves are the ultimate solution to any events or family gatherings, enabling you to whip up a delicious feast without much hassle! You may choose to purchase them in a value-for-money set or in the individual pouches. Only available for sale here on our online store!


*As compared to the cost per serving of our Laksa and Curry Best Singapore Favourites Meal Sauce Kit

Hainanese Chicken Rice Party Pack Set

Immigrants from China's Hainan Island brought this dish with them while seeking a living in Singapore during the colonial days.

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Laksa Party Pack Set

A cross-cultural dish found in Singapore and her neighbouring countries with different versions in each.

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Mee Rebus Party Pack Set

Another popular dish that was created through cross-cultural influences, the yellow noodles are cooked in a delicious thick, spicy and sweet gravy prepared with Malay spices.

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Mee Siam Complete Sauce Party Pack

Sweet & tangy vermicelli. A mix of Chinese and Malay influences, Mee Siam features a rich tamarind gravy with a hint of chilli.

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Mee Siam Party Pack Set

A mix of Chinese, Nonya and Malay influences has produced some of Singapore's most popular dishes, one of which is Mee Siam.

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Prawn Mee Party Pack Set

A popular Hokkien noodle dish first found along Hokkien Street in Singapore's Chinatown in the early fifties.

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Rendang Complete Sauce Party Pack Set

Authentic dry curry with tender meat chunks braised in rich coconut gravy, myriad of spices and a hint of chilli.

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Satay Bee Hoon Party Pack Set

Another cross-cultural dish, Satay Bee Hoon is popular among all ages with its thick, luxuriant peanut gravy embracing an eclectic mix of seafood, meat and vegetables.

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Sambal Chilli Party Pack Set

A delicate balance of spicy and sweet flavours. Excellent for cooking meat, seafood and vegetables. Makes a great dip too.

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Singapore Chilli Crab Party Pack Set

First found in the early 1960s, the Singapore Chilli Crab is a delightful dish developed and enhanced over the years through Chinese and Malay influences.

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Singapore Curry Party Pack Set

Traders and immigrants during the early days of Singapore brought curry from India.

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Singapore Satay Party Pack Set

This traditional Singapore Satay features juicy meat chunks threaded on bamboo skewers and grilled to fragrant perfection.

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